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The High Weirdness Project

Ejice Pseudoprophetae.

Welcome to the High Weirdness Project, a SubGenius exercise in high weirdness. In 1994, the First Online Church of “Bob” was founded by Modemac, based upon the principles of the sacred tome High Weirdness by Mail (Rev. Ivan Stang, 1988). In 2005, the First Online Church of “Bob” created the online The High Weirdness Project which was designed as an open source wiki created by users in the spirit of the original High Weirdness by Mail book. This continued for six years and it was good.

During 2011, the First Online Church of “Bob” inexplicably went dark, taking the High Weirdness Project with it. Later that year, the progenitors of My Inner Spoiled Child took it upon themselves to revive the High Weirdness Project and its content. It is ever changing and always growing and YOU can take part.

Praise “Bob!”

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