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Albums and Concerts

Laura Cantrell

  • Not The Trembling Kind – Just a damned fine country record. They don't make them like this anymore, except they do, since this is only a couple years old, and she's got a brand new one coming soon, too.

The Ditty Bops

Flying Lizards

  • Fourth Wall – How do you follow up a record that's basically a prank on the record buying public? I don't know, either.

Mitchell Froom

  • The Key of Cool – How about this one? Mitchell Froom's soundtrack to damned near the only halfway intelligent porn flick in history, Cafe Flesh.

M: Not the French guy who did the music for The Triplets of Belleville, but Robin Scott. (That other M is pretty cool, too, but I'm still bitter that he stole his name…er, letter.) M's most famous for the song “Pop Muzik”, but he put out 3 albums.

  • The Official Secrets Act – the second album, which didn't do so hot. There seems to be a law that every record store has to have this LP for a couple bucks.

Sun Ra

U2: Yeah, I know – they're the biggest band in the world and they “sold out” back when they went mainstream with The Unforgettable Fire. Damn, I wish I could sell out the way these guys have!

  • Pop – overhyped, overmerchandised, and you never hear it on the radio because everyone calls it U2's “worst” album. I still love it, and I think it's an interesting piece of musical satire.

Roger Waters: Pink Floyd and After Floyd, here is the man who made angst cool and whining about society into an art form.

Neil Young

  • Trans – Neil Young's Electronic Album

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