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Alt.Slack is a no man's land of kooks and crazies. Unless of course you like to “play with” kooks and crazies, in which case it is a PLAYGROUND for Trolling Yetisyn.

To quote Ivan Stang “For decades – since 1986 in fact – alt.slack on Usenet was the main SubGenius forum. Unfortunately, because it was unmoderated, it acted also as a kind of “kook flypaper,” and in recent years it began to draw so many – er, how to put this? Our formerly great newsgroup is now about 90% what we might call unbelievers, Pink Boys, the Differently Saned, unfunny but overactive Bobbies, obsessive spurned fanboys, occultist ninnies who claim they're Dobbs or God, racist psychos and other “Bob”less paranoid PinKooks. Most of the “Rev. Ivan Stangs” that post there are not the real one, for instance, and (we hate to disappoint you) none of the so-called “Bobs” there is the One True J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.”


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