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 +Alt.Slack is a no man's land of kooks and crazies. Unless of course you like to "play with" kooks and crazies, in which case it is a PLAYGROUND for Trolling Yetisyn. ​
 +To quote Ivan Stang "For decades -- since 1986 in fact -- alt.slack on Usenet was the main SubGenius forum. Unfortunately,​ because it was unmoderated,​ it acted also as a kind of "kook flypaper,"​ and in recent years it began to draw so many -- er, how to put this? 
 +Our formerly great newsgroup is now about 90% what we might call unbelievers,​ Pink Boys, the Differently Saned, unfunny but overactive Bobbies, obsessive spurned fanboys, occultist ninnies who claim they'​re Dobbs or God, racist psychos and other "​Bob"​less paranoid PinKooks. Most of the "Rev. Ivan Stangs"​ that post there are not the real one, for instance, and (we hate to disappoint you) none of the so-called "​Bobs"​ there is the One True J. R. "​Bob"​ Dobbs."​
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