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Animation Nerd's Paradise

The Animaniacs Page!

  • Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Camp Lazlo

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Bill Plympton Online: Plymptoons

  • Mostly of people killing each other in highly creative ways. The Tune is very funny musical featuring some very silly songs.

The Brothers Quay

Day of the SubGenius

  • Directed by Chris Hopewell. Watch the whole thing here (and read an interview with the director (or buy Dobbsfilms Shorties on DVD: Scatalog ).

Jan Svankmajer

  • His version of Alice in Wonderland is excellent and nice and creepy like all good fairy tales should be. The Caterpillar is an old sock with teeth and eyes. His version of Faust is worth a look and full of scary painted puppets.

Shizuoka University Library: Animation Page

Tex Avery Tribute

  • The legendary pioneer of funny animation.

Online Animation

The Felt version of the Moomins

  • A classic piece of Eastern European animation with much more atmosphere than the later Japanese version.

Weebl and Bob

  • Pie is good. Want pie NOW!

Happy Tree Friends!

  • Do you like cute and fuzzy mixed with a cartoon where everybody dies? This is for you!


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