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Almost as funny and entertaining as the outrageous Sex sites out there are the sites that hate sex. They warn us, “YOU are a SINNER because you dare to succumb to the temptations of the flesh!” Why, if God wanted us to actually enjoy sex, then he would have given us penises and vaginae!

Sermonizing and Rants

International Child Porn Hysteria Law

  • A Modest Proposal for confronting the worldwide epidemic of hysteria over Evil Child Pornography.

…because Sex Is Evil And Sinful

Celibacy, Meditation and Enlightenment

  • Cock-a-mamie (yes, that's a pun), lame anti-women hatred with a Buddhist New Age sheen to cover this guy's mental blinders.

HIV/AIDS and Child Rape in Africa - the terrible, sad lie

  • This may one of the saddest, most harrowing things I've ever read. You should brace yourself before taking a look. So why is this link being presented here? Because it serves as a stark reminder of the insane lengths the Conspiracy will go (literally) to turn people into inhuman, self-centered things. It serves to highlight several important points, including the problems of widespread belief in mysticism, and the extremes to which people will believe the most idiotic lies (it's nearly inconveivable to think that anyone would believe urban legends like “raping a virgin will cure AIDS”) if they think it will benefit them; it's an example of how people can fall astray if they grow up in an environment with no hope, no future, and nothing to look forward to except an early death; and it's also proof of why suppression of “controversial” information (i.e. the hard truth about sex) is the wrong path to take. (This site is presented by, one of the best sites to go to for learning the truth about AIDS.)


  • True stories (allegedly) of sick sex crimes that make you wonder how low people can sink in their quest for nookie.

Porn Free

  • These guys want to save you with Scripture. When you want to touch yourself, think of the Bible.

Rapex: The Anti-Rape Condom

  • Okay, this is more of an anti-rape device than an anti-sex device, which is a good thing. At least on the surface, that is. Two words will suffice: vagina dentata.

Sex Offender Issues

  • A discussion blog that actually treats (some) sex offenders as human beings. Who would have thought that?

The Truth For Youth

  • Biblical comic books for kids designed to scare them away from sex.

Ugly Breast Implants

  • The title says it all!

Sex, marriage and mortality

  • What a weird combination… how true it is…


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