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Blog Weirdness

The number of blogs out there on the Web has grown from the thousands to the millions, to the point where it's impossible to keep track of them all. Even Google's blog search can't keep up with the daily updates (they even have trouble with Blogger/Blogspot, their own giant blog service); while competing searches such as [Feedster] cover entirely different blog feeds. RSS was invented to cover the blogs!

A lot of blogs are dedicated to various subjects, so they deserve entries in other sections at the High Weirdness Project. (See Bartholomew's Notes on Religion, Slacktivist, and the Media Bloggers Association for examples.) But there are still blogs out there that can best be described as “blogs,” and they have as great a share of sniping, flame wars, and kookery as any other genre.

(You can also go to our section on Other Mutants for a selection of SubGenius blogs.)

Bulldada Newsblog (returning soon)

  • Daily links to strange, unusual, and Slackful news stories.

Dark Christianity

  • A LiveJournal group grew into a large online community of its own, dedicated to bashing hardcore fundamentalist Christianity.

Journalfen's Wank Community


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