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Church of the SubGenius

The Official SubGenius Web Site:

SubSITE: The Official Home Page of the Church of the SubGenius

  • The first stop you must take in your search for Slack (after this Web site, the High Weirdness Project) is SubSITE, the home page of the Church of the SubGenius. Managed and updated daily by Rev. Ivan Stang, SubSite is the source for everything the Church has to offer: Answers, Questions, Evils, Goods (especially goods to buy), and awe-inspiring graphics galore. Your mind will NOT be the same after you experience the Pstench of “Bob!”
    If THAT'S not enough, the SubGenius Hour of Slack Radio Ministry, hosted by Rev. Stang, is available for immediate download as a podcast. Updated weekly, with thousands of downloads every week, this is a 60-minute audio sound barrage of pure Slack straight into your cerebral cortex.

SubGenius Networking Resources

(or: How To Find Other SubGenii On Teh Interwebs)

Where is the best place to go to find other SubGenii and mutants?

ScrubGenius alt.slack alt.binaries.slack

* For many years, the best place to go to on Usenet was the newsgroup alt.slack. From the great Internet explosion of 1994 until the Conspiracy finally shut down much of Usenet in 2008, you could go to alt.slack and be able to meet everyone in the Church – from high-profile names like Rev. Ivan Stang, to the Internet SubGenius superstars who've promoted the Church online…along with a great many cross-posters from other newsgroups, trolls, and outright kooks who come to alt.slack simply to spread noise or try to get attention for themselves. In late 2009, the new ScrubGenius group was created, and most of the regular denizens of alt.slack migrated there.
You can get SubGenius multimedia files, including sound files, filthy pictures, and other useful utilities, by heading over to alt.binaries.slack. All of the files posted to this newsgroup are in uuencoded format, and you'll need a uuencode/uudecode program to translate them into a workable form. (Netscrape and Microsoft Internet Exploiter will decode the binaries files automatically for you, but we recommend you use a newsgroup reader program instead, such as Free Agent for PCs or YA Newswatcher for Macintosh.) SubGenii uses a number of Web-based file storage systems such as Photobucket. However, many of the images produced by SubGenii are…ahem…adults only! Rather than place them on a Web-based file server where they would be subject to deletion, these naughty sounds and pictures are still delivered to the Interwebs regularly through the newsgroup alt.binaries.slack.
On March 12, 2005, the newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.slack was created to expand the capability of the Church to make its media available online. Specifically, this newsgroup exists for folks to post large binaries, CDs, DVDs, and other sizable files that would otherwise overwhelm the newsgroup alt.binaries.slack.

Facebook SubGenius

SubGenius Live Chat: IRC #subgenius on Taphouse

  • Since the fall of 1996, the Church of the SubGenius has held weekly online Devivals on Internet Relay Chat, meeting every Sunday evening at 9 PM Dallas time (10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific). This Web link to the IRC Devivals includes a Java applet to hook your browser directly into IRC. Unlike those other Java-based chat rooms, our chat sessions can be accesed by ANYONE who can get onto IRC, whether your browser uses Java or not. The IRC Devivals have been a smashing success, and a number of the greatest celebrities in our Church have become regular participants each week. Such luminaries as Popess Lilith von Fraumench, Dr. Onan Canobite, Pastor Craig, Rev. Ivan Stang, Asquire, Sister Decadence, Jesus Devilacqua and Reverend Magdalen, Papa Joe Mama, and many others have made the SubGenius IRC devivals an experience that has to be seen by ALL Yetikind! This is your chance to meet everyone who's anyone in the Church of the SubGenius, LIVE, every Sunday evening! The most common IRC channels for SubGenii are #subgenius and #slack. Church services are held every Sunday night at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (9 PM Dallas Time), on Taphouse at

SubGenius Reverend blog

  • The most regularly updated and popular SubGenius blog in existence, with contributions from many mutants and Church members.

The Hour of Slack

  • Rev. Ivan Stang's weekly radio show – now in podcast! Over twenty years on the air, and still going strong.

Archival Research

SubGenius Media Archive

  • A number of stories have been written about the Church of the SubGenius in various publications over the years: newspapers, magazines, books, TV news broadcasts, and Web news sites. Many of these stories can be difficult to locate, except by the most diligent researchers. Therefore, the High Weirdness Project has established the SubGenius Media Archive to be used for research purposes only. Reporters, private investigators, cult awareness programs, and curious onlookers are encouraged to read these stories and see what the minions of the Conspiracy have had to say about the Church of the SubGenius.

Websites of the Gods

  • Since SubSite can be difficult to navigate (that is, unless you're a true Yeti), here's a link to one of the many cricial sections of the Palace of Dobbs. This page has links to every SubGenius page in existence, plus links to many of the Rogue SubGenii out there.

Devival Reports

  • FINALLY! A special section for posting reports from those who have somehow managed to survive a SubGenius Devival!

SubGenius Wiki Sites

  • Here's a look at how the Church of the SubGenius is portrayed on various wiki “encyclopedia” sites out there, including Wikipedia.

"Bob" Belt: Google Maps locations of SubGenii

Finally, don't forget to see the Other Mutants section of the High Weirdness Project. Here can be found links to the personal Web sites and blogs for many members of the Church of the SubGenius, both new and old.

And then there's this:

Stop Bob

  • Anti-religious extremists and purveyors of hatred!


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