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Ah, yes – true Bulldada can be found even in the food we eat! Without food we'd all be dead (no, really?)…and yet, sites that seek out weirdness rarely look in this direction.

SubGenius Food Pr0n

  • A number of SubGenii are excellent cooks! Here's a place for mutants to share their strangest, most personal, and most delicious (or repulsive) recipes.

Good Enough To Eat?

Army Worm Wine

  • This guy makes genuine wine from crushed caterpillars…

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips

  • This company is out to save us all by printing Bible verses on the back of every bag of their potato chips.

Pat Robertson's Age-Defying Protein Shake

  • No. I haven't tested this one. I guess I just don't feel that I NEED to bench 2,000 lbs. with my super-God-powered, protein fueled, 76 year-old legs. (Ask me again when I turn 50).

Vegans versus carnivores

Pro-ana: the "anorexic lifestyle"

One of the more disturbing trends among teen girls is the so-called “pro-ana” movement. This stands for “pro-anorexia,” and the idea here is that anorexia nervosa isn't actually a disease but a “chosen lifestyle.” (This is the same excuse that smokers use to justify their addictions.) There are sub-sections of this group, especially for the types of starvation: “my best friend Ana” (for anorexia) or “my friend Mia” (for bulimia). The idea of anorexia as a “lifestyle” has subjected these people to a lot of abuse and persecution – especially since many pro-ana people are underage girls. A lot of pro-ana Web sites have been forced offline or into hiding since the turn of the century, usually with the excuse that these sites encourage teenagers to engage in a “lifestyle” that leads to suicide.

Pro-Ana Nation

  • One of the most popular (and most depressing) pro-ana Web sites.


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