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  • Many Web sites out there include listings of various movie reviews, imitating the style of Roger Ebert or Leonard Maltin, or occasionally that of Pauline Kael. I could never hope to compete with such dedicated online movie critics as James Berardinelli or Steve Rhodes (and his son); so, I offer you a selection of movies that I have found particularly impressive over the years. You've probably heard of most of these films – but if you haven't, or if you've heard of them but never seen them, you owe it to yourself to seek them out and give them a try. You won't regret it.

See also:


Movie Favourites Of the Subgenius

  • A collection of movies favoured by the Subgenius.


SubGenii in Film

  • Members of the Church of the SubGenius who've made appearances on film.

5 Minutes to Live

  • A largish bootleg house of lots of films.

CAPalert: Christian Analysis of American Culture (Christian Movie Reviews)

  • God hates sex in the movies! These guys say so, therefore it's true!

Found Footage Festival

  • A film festival of weird and bizarre VHS tapes.

The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page

  • A convincing argument in favor of the use of widescreen (or “letterboxing” ) in video.

Paul Vancleve Productions

  • Independent filmmaker and animator responsible for two independent feature films and a bunch of animated CGI videos found on the Web.


  • Often considered the best video store in the world – it's even got a “psychotronic” room!

Shocking Videos

  • Badfilm GODS and video supplier extraordinaire! Blockbuster Video employees will either run screaming from here, or quit their own jobs.

Something Weird Video

  • Supplier of many of the strangest movies of all time!

(I should mention here that Papa Joe Mama, the founder of the infamous Holocaustal Home Page, hosts a list of the 20 Most Sinister SubGenius Sci-Fi Flicks for your perusal, in which he takes a look at some of the recent science fiction films and how they can be viewed from a SubGenius point of view. Now all he has to do is start looking at the great classic SubGenius films of old - such as Freaks!)


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