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Other Mutants

127 House

BreakThink Tank

Visit The Clench of The DragonFly site network!

The Official Dan Clore Homepage -- The Website of Lord Weÿrdgliffe

  • Included the Dan Clore Necronomicon Page.

EarthStation 1

the EuroSubgenius

Friday Jones' House Of Slack

The Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

Institute for Parallel Studies

  • The home of the mysterious Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger.

Lamprey Systems

  • The legendary maker of offensive Macintosh games, and ASTOUNDING techno musicians!

Reverend Zuma

  • Long Term Slack: effects, results, consequences illustrated profusely

Luciferian Liberation Front

Mike Diana, Maker of ILLEGAL ART

The Ministry of Truth

The Monohedral Cathedral

The National Cynical Network

  • Phineas Narco's land of sounds

Octobriana's Slack Archives

Papa Joe Mama

  • The most loyal purveyor of HATE in the Church of the SubGenius.

People's Temple of the Sacred Electron clench: ALSO running a (different) wiki!


S.S.U.C.C.: Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches and Crackpots

Signs of Witness

  • Rev. John Shirley's End Times newsblog.

Steve Jackson Games

  • The legendary maker of role-playing and tabletop games!

SubGenius Meetup Group - find Other Mutants local to you

Temple Indigo

  • Rev. Raven Devastation's personal Web Site.

SubGenius Blogs

As the blogging phenomenon spreads, we see folks from all walks of life making their dull, dreary lives available for all the world to laugh at. Even the members of the Church of the SubGenius have begun their own blogs, and we've brought them all together for you to see. (Is it just me, or does the word “blog” itself seem very distasteful to pronounce? It makes me think more of a bodily function than a web journal.)

  • Bucky doesn't blog
  • BreakThink Tank: Cardboard Box's self-pitying flatulence
  • Clea's Cave
  • Clint's Blog
  • End Times Newswire
  • GNUGeek's “Beginnings”
  • House of Mu
  • just john goes bloggish
  • Rev. Raven
  • Mating Hedgehogs
  • Nenslopalooza
  • The Next Canadian Dracula
  • Office Pulpit of Reverend Ivan Stang (LiveJournal RSS Feed)
  • The Prophet Lilith: Popess Lilith von Fraumench's blog
  • Rev. Mykeru
  • Pan's Pipe Bomb: Pan Demonium's blog
  • Rev. Parei Dolia
  • Root Cellar
  • Shizzlefrazzle! Circuit Preacher Safe
  • SubGenius Reverand: nu-monet's blog
  • Shining Path of Least Resistance: Our SubGenius agent in Japan
  • State Of Mind
  • Rev. Syung Myung Me's LJ
  • Kittysneezes.Com (Rev. Syung Myung Me's new band/zine site)
  • rev. norelpref's audio bob blog

SubGenius Artists

One common trait shared by members of many religious cults is the death of the creative spark. It's as if the influence of the cult leader kills off any creativity and spontanaeity a person might have, to the point where he or she can only produce mindless pablum. This is one reason why fringe kook literature is so amazingly cheesy. The Moonies spent millions of dollars producing a movie in the 1970s called Inchon – starring none other than Laurence Olivier! – and the result is so stupefyingly awful that the movie has been suppressed and rarely seen in public. On the other hand, there's the famous fiasco of John Travolta's much-publicized movie of L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth!

On the other other hand, the Church of the SubGenius encourages the creative spark in its members, and we seem to attract an amazingly high number of artists, musicians, and other talented folks. And what's more, the work they produce is entirely different from one another! “Bob” is a strong believer in the cardinal rule that there are no rules in art. SubGenius artists are encouraged to create anything they want! The image of “Bob” might be used as a base, but the best artists are the ones who strike off in original, uncharted directions of their own.

The World Wide Web is a showcase for many of the greatest artists in the Church. The following Web sites represent but the merest sample of the amazing artwork produced by our fellow mutants…

The Art Mines at SubSITE: Reverend Ivan Stang has valiantly attempted to showcase a highlight of the best artwork to appear on alt.binaries.slack … but that newsgroup is so clogged with stunning artwork that Stang is always several weeks (if not months) behind!

ÜberFemme Sex Goddesses

If there's one particular faction of the Church of the SubGenius that has attracted more recruits to our insidious cult than any other, it's the WOMEN of the Church! Yes, it's true – this Church really IS a sex cult! Not only are there lovely women in the Church who are dying to meet you…these women are pure GODDESSES! And I'm not just saying that because, one and all, they are gorgeous, luscious visions of beauty. The ÜberFemmes are also among the most ass-kickin', sociable, and noble women it has ever been my pleasure to associate with!


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