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Other Religious Weirdness

Cult Apologists and Anti-Cult Apologists


  • One of the last few genuine cannibal sects in the world.

Apologetics Index

  • A look at cults and apologists for cults that's probably as biased as the actual cult writings themselves. This is a good thing.

CESNUR: Center for Studies on New Religions

  • Cult apologists who pretend to be “scholarly” sources of information about cult. Nope, they're not biased against anyone – except for the so-called “anti-cult movement.”

Coalition for Religious Freedom and Tolerance

  • A Mormon-sponsored site whining about persecution of Mormons, disguised as fighting for “religious freedom.”

Cult Awareness Network

  • Do you want biased, whining pandering that talks down to you when it comes to information about cults? You can't do better (or worse) than these folks.

Cult News Network

  • Rick Ross' daily newsblog (with a neat graphical interface) containing daily news blurbs about cult activities.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

  • These guys try to offer a fair and neutral look at controversial religious groups. Too bad they have their own biases.

Watchman Fellowship

  • A Christian anti-cult group that's pretty broad in their definition of a “cult.”

Rival Cults

Please note that we include the Church of the SubGenius in our definition of a cult! We are just as much of a cult as these other groups…only we're proud to come out and declare ourselves to be a cult!

A few other rival cults can be found in our section dedicated to the Minions of the Conspiracy. Those groups are the ones that truly represent the worst dregs of humanity – though they still pretend to be preaching the True Word to anyone who'll listen. You may also want to take a look at our listings of Pseudo-Scientific Wackos and New Age Crap – depending on whether you want cults who proclaim themselves based on “scientific” or “spiritual” beliefs.

AvatarScam – Son of Scientology.

  • Spin-offs from the Scientology syndicate can be just as dangerous, deadly, and abusive to your bank account as the original.

The Bruderhof

Christian Science

  • The mother of all faith healing groups.

Church of Universal Love and Music

  • Because music truly is the universal language.

The Family

  • A.K.A. the Children of God. Sorry, folks, these guys don't have sex with you for God anymore. Waaaaaahhhh!!!

Growing in Grace

  • A Latin American congregation led by a man who calls himself Jesus Christ and the AntiChrist.

Promise Keepers

  • Football stadiums of knuckle dragging neanderthal bigots, some of which attempted a “Million Bigot March” against Washington but their numbers ended up being far less than they had hoped for. They advocate the domination and subjecation of women and the demonization of homosexuals, all under the guise of “being of service” to their wives and community, and under the guise that they're “meeting the promise” of their marriages before their Christian gods. The fact that the “little woman” never ASKED to be dominated and subjugated under ANY excuse is something these knuckle draggers don't bother thinking about.

Twelve Tribes

  • Former hippie Christians who follow in the footsteps of the Amish.


  • Publishers of the New Bigger Bible With Lots Of Important Stuff Added.


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