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I hate politics. Politics is a profession for people who think they can solve all the world's problems, even though everyone knows this is impossible. So why do people go into politics? For power, obviously. Perhaps even more so than in religion, the control factor is the dominant force behind all political games. The Conspiracy allows its minion to dress up and play political games with each other, secure in the knowledge that all this talk and all those laws aren't going to make the slightest bit of difference in the end…for in the end, the Conspiracy is the winner. Or so they think.

One of the things I despise the most about politics is the way people use politics to tell blatant, bald-faced lies to mass audiences. No one believes a word of these blatant lies, yet they tell these lies anyways because that's how it's actually written down. The WRITTEN word is what counts, because reading between the lines is not legally binding. And politics, more than any other profession I know of, is based on the telling of blatant lies because that's what you're supposed to do.

And this is hardly unique to politicians – everyone does this when they need to make a political statement. It's not just political, either. I first realized this back in the early 1980s, when the world was becoming aware of AIDS and Rock Hudson died. He went to France for treatment for this new disease, and it was in all the papers. The day before he died, his French doctors held a press conference and announced to the world that they had cured Rock Hudson of his malady. The next day he was dead. No one seemed to care that the doctors had stood in front of a TV audience and told blatant, bald-faced lies…because that was what they were expected to do. I still don't understand why it happens like this, but it does.

Interesting Politics

Alternative Vote 2000

  • Site run by right-libertarians gives comprehensive coverage of war news around the world, along with antiwar commentary from across the political spectrum.

Capitol Hill Blue

  • Washington, DC political gossip (which often hints at what you'll be seeing in the next day's news).

Center for Public Integrity

Common Dreams

  • Liberal/progressive news and action alerts.

Freeway Blogger

  • A network of activists who put up those political signs on the highways when you drive to work.

Information Clearing House

  • News you won't find on CNN.

Log Cabin Republicans

  • Did you know it's possible to be gay and Republican?

The Narco News Bulletin

  • General Latin American news, not just drug news.

Open Secrets: Money In Politics

  • These guys are here to expose the truth behind campaign donations and the money that is spread across the workings of government.

The Raw Story

  • Liberal/progressive news site.

The Sentencing Project

  • A non-profit group working towards reform in the prison and incarceration system in America.

The Skeleton Closet

  • A site that digs up the dirt on politicians of all shades – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or what have you. They're all dirty, and they're all fair game.

Sexual Liberation Army

  • These guys use porn to draw you in and direct you to political activism sites.

Theocracy Watch

  • Reporting on the increasing use of religion in politics.


  • Liberal/progressive news & commentary.

Unknown News

  • This husband-and-wife team is mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!


  • An activist site that uses sex to get people to register to vote.


  • Progressive site associated with Z Magazine.

Stupid Politics

Alliance Defense Fund

  • Lawyers for Christ: the law firm created especially to ensure that good old fashioned Christian family values trounce those evil homosexual athiest liberals.

Bush Fish

  • Mixing religion and politics? No problem! Just cross Dubya with the Jesus Fish, and you get this!

Center for Reclaiming America

  • These guys want to make sure America is a good, safe country run on Christian values (including homophobia).

Christian Exodus

  • A long-term project to move lots of Christians into one state and take over the government.

Christian Falangist Party of America

  • The U.S. will be a better country when everyone is Christian and Muslims are outlawed.

Concerned Women for America

  • Working hard to tear down the barrier between church and state and bring religion into politics.

The Moveoff Network

  • A coalition of conservative sites banding together to oppose those danged liberals.

Progressive Labor Party

  • The remains of the American Communist Party.

PUC: Pagan Unity Campaign

  • Here's what happens when pagans try to go up against organized politics.

Traditional Values Coalition

  • Yet another brave defense against the evil homosexual agenda to take over our decent Christian nation.

The Eternal Floating Flame Wars of Politics

Time and time and time again, certain especially volatile subjects are tossed back and forth amongst the participants in political “debates.” These are the subjects that cause endless arguments, stonewalling, political posturing, pandering, and even outright hatred and violence. For some reason, these political subjects have generated more hot air and wasted more time, effort, and money than they have any right to deserve. These are the political “hot buttons” – they cause knee-jerk reactions in people, rather than allowing people to sit back and think about the pain and suffering they are causing. And the Conspiracy knows this. This is why issues like these always dominate political campaigns, even though they usually have little to no effect whatsoever on us. Any politician or would-be politician knows that if he says one wrong word about these subjects that offends the “wrong” people (the ones with money), he can kiss his candidacy good-bye.

Homosexuality: That's So Gay!

  • Those Godless Homosexuals are threatening our marriages! My marriage will be dissolved if gays are allowed to marry!


  • Abortionists are evil murdering Nazis slavering to rip precious children from the mother's womb!

The Middle East

  • The JEWS are behind it all! (No, wait, it's the evil MUSLIM TERRORISTS who want to kill us!)

Political Correctness

  • Popular political causes for people to waste their time and money, from animal rights to gun control.

The War on Terror

  • Iraq still has weapons of mass destruction!

Unarmed Horses

One of the major aspects of the Conspiracy is that only humans and certain mechanical machines are allowed to own and operate firearms. Thus the majority of individuals living on this planet (horses, cows, cats, dogs et al.) are not allowed to assist in overthrowing the Conspiracy. And assist they would if only they had opposible thumbs.

Consider: Horses around the world are enslaved by the Conspiracy to cart fat human butts from place to place; humans that are too lazy, too fat, and too Pink to do the work themselves. The Conspiracy knows that if firearms were manufactured which could be held and operated by horses, they wouldn't have to put up with such Pink bullshit and would throw off their cruel oppression overnight. Horses would sweep across every continent in the world and the slaughter would be horrific, to say the least.

There's already massive gun control around the world. The vast majority of the planet's citizens are not allowed to use firearms, only humans, and that's a shame – arming cows is the first step toward ending the Conspiracy.

The major media are owned and controlled FAR more thoroughly than they were back then. We won't see any more Vietnam-era exposes because they know how to clamp a lid on it all. These protestors are too dumb to realize that people don't understand the issues they're promoting, and they don't WANT to because they only exist on accounting spreadsheets. “Forgive the debt of developing nations!” Yeah, man, that REALLY has the impact of “One two three four, we don't want your fucking war.”

The sixties protests made an impact because they were new and no one was ready for them. Nowadays we have a silly “March on Washington” every other WEEK. When was the last time any of these protests had any REAL effect? Folks strut in the streets in their silly paper-mache costumes, behind police barricades, while the corporate suits sit up there in their meeting room and laughed at them and “promise” to take “action.” Ha. I am certainly not ready to live with the changes the Corporations (another wing of the Conspiracy) are planning for us. But this ain't the Peace And Love Sixties, man – things have changed, and your ways of effecting change had damn well better change with it, or else you're just going to jerk off in the street and think it means something. NEW ways of effecting change are needed. What are those new ways? Don't ask me to tell you, because 1) I don't know, and 2) I'm a SubGenius. I'm fucking the Conspiracy in my OWN way, getting back MY Slack.


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