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Scumbags Spammers and Scammers

The groups listed on this page differ from other Minions of the Conspiracy largely because of primary motives. While the racists and religious cults are certainly deserving of scorn, ridicule, and exposure, those guys are still working to present their beliefs to the world. They're honest, in their own twisted way…more honest than the jerkwads we look at here.

Some (or most) of the groups listed here are interested in one thing only: getting your money. These folks will stoop to any level, tell any lie, and take advantage of the most desperate soul if it will net them a few bucks. That's why spammers (among other assholes) are so reviled and hated by the vast majority of Internet users: they have no conscience, and they will lie, cheat, and take advantage of you in any way possible to get at your money. That's it, there really is no other objective behind their snake-oil sales pitch.

Of course, you could say the Church of the SubGenius is also interested in getting your money. There's one important fact that separates us from these dickheads: we're honest about it! We come right out and tell you we're a religious cult that's after your money. These people prefer to lie and sneak past your guard, and steal from behind your back.

Anti-Scammers and Spam Smashers

Before soiling our hands and exposing you to some of the assholes who pollute the gene pool, we should first point you towards some valiant warriors who really do battle the forces of evil, every day.

419 Eater

  • These guys take the Nigerian scammers and use their own weapons against them – with hilarious results.


  • Useful information about medical fraud, scams, and bogus therapies.


  • Over 80% of the billions of spam emails sent every day come from a group of about 200 spammers. Learn about them here!


  • The famous (or infamous) Spam Prevention Early Warning System.


  • Forward your spam here, they'll figure out who to yell at.

People Who Want Your Money

Faith Healing

  • The christian version of Psychic Surgery.

Fake Banks

  • Some rip-off artists have gone through great lengths to set up realistic-looking “banking” web sites, so they can separate you from your money. Come and take a look!

John Edward

  • A “psychic” with a TV show.


  • The Scientology-run “purification” run promoted by Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley.

National Collector's Mint

  • Want to buy a September 11, 2001 “commemorative” silver coin?

Psychic Surgeons

  • What, you mean people really fall for this?!? Not only is it popular, they're even trying to introduce it to the United States.

  • The forum for spammers, run by spammers.

St. Matthew's Churches

  • The infamous Rev. Ewing and his beg-for-money-for-God racket.

Storm Botnet

  • The world's most powerful computer network is run by criminal spammers.


  • We could list nearly every televangelist under this topic, but it's easier to place them all in their own category.

Witch Hunters

  • Courageous crusaders against 5-year-old child witches in Africa.


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