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Sick and Twisted Sites

Here's a response to the claim that there aren't enough “sick” sites listed here at the High Weirdness Project. Evidently, a lot of people equate the term “weird” with “sick, strange, and offensive.” While a large number of the sites here are likely to offend the casual viewer (surely the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is offensive enough in itself), there are also a bunch of folks out there online who revel in offending you visually. These are the ones who make dead baby jokes popular, and who gleefully take pictures of gory accidents in order to send them to their friends with comments like, “That reminds me…I've got this great recipe for pasta sauce!”


  • A community dedicated to posting amateur Photoshopped anime images – including lots of raunchy, “adults-only” images.

Army Worm Wine

  • This guy makes genuine wine from crushed caterpillars…


  • Free offensive email addresses for you to use.

Eat Hufu

  • The Tasty Human Flesh Alternative! Yummy!

Eat Liver

  • Crazy pictures of insane Internet.


  • How about a pair of replacement testicles for your neutered pet?


  • A compilation of news stories of disgusting, perverted sex crimes from around the world.

Portal Of Evil

Rate My Poo

  • How does your crap stand up in comparison to others?

  • The legendary Internet home of things best left unmentioned.

Sperm Cube

  • A collaborative art project to collect a cubic meter of human sperm.

  • Ridiculous collection of messed up stuff.

thoriffic world portal for cultural imperatives: Got Red Heifer?

T-Shirt Hell

  • The sickest, most offensive (and funniest) T-shirts in the world!

Unknown Highway

  • A delightfully sick graphical blog, updated daily.

Weird Crap

  • Psycho Dave may specialize in bashing Christianity, but he also specializes in offensive, vomit-inducing fun!


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