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 +====== Sister Decadence ======
 +( Webcam: http://​​~sisd/​easywebcam.jpg )
 +Sister Decadence,
 +While her beauty we are beholdin'​\\
 +She just says no to showers that are golden.
 +It has been said that in the legendary days before the great X-Day Rupture of 1998 ( Conspiracy time, that is – not the REAL X-Day that WILL HAPPEN SOON on July 5th, 1998 ), Reverend Susie the Floozie was the prime Sex Goddess of the Church of the SubGenius. Susie, bless her heart, is still heading the ranks of UberFemme Sex Goddesses, and still bringing us "​Bob'​s"​ Slacktime Funhouse over the radio. However, in the new era of a World Without Slack, a new, towering erotic Goddess has come to bless us all with her presence, her aura, and images of her beautiful body – that wonderful, voluptuous body; host of plump and pendulous tit-pillows and an ass that Robert Crumb would love to stick his face into and go "​blubbububububub"​ – and that Goddess is Sister Decadence.
 +This vision of beauty doesn'​t have a pay Web site in the manner of many women on the Web, but she does manage her own Yahoo egroup (with THOUSANDS of members!) and provides lots of zombie hard-on inspiring free nekkid erotic pictures of herself to her fans, with regular updates.
 +It is a little known fact that Sister Decadence loves Pop Tarts! Every year at X-Day, adoring fans bring her boxes and boxes of Pop Tarts to sacrifice at her altar. (Sister Decadence herself comments: "​…and sushi, for the record. It's just hard to get fresh sushi in the woods of New York."​) For those without the Japanese government-required 7 months of sushi chef school, there is a Wegman'​s supermarket in Lakewood with fairly decent california rolls, wasabi, tamari, chopsticks and sliced, pickled ginger.
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