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SubGenius Food Pr0n

Gross-Out Foods

Kitty Litter Cake

  • Yeah, it's an old joke – but it's still funny.

Gourmet Prairie Squidlets

  • Gross for the kids but titillating for the adults. Take a bunch of hotdogs and one of those little sharp knives. At one end of the long side of the hot dog cut three X's into the skin of the hot dog to mark the place of eyes and a squid beak (mouth). Slice the squid in half through the middle of the hotdog approximately one and half inches or so down from the top of the squid's head. Roll the squid one quarter turn on the cutting board and repeat the same cut. This should have made four squid legs. If you want or can you can divide each of the four legs in half for a total of eight. Toss a few of these into boiling water and watch the legs curl up and the eyes and beaks come to life. Serve however you want. Add ketchup and you have the extremely erotic variation known as “Bloody Gourmet Prairie Squidlets”.

Worm Sandwich

  • Take a bunch of hotdogs and slice them the long way into strips. Quarters or eigths are thin enough. Boil some water in a sauce pan. Throw in the hotdog slices and watch them curl into wormy shapes. Fill a hotdog bun with the worms and serve. Add ketchup and you've got the hideous, “Bloody Worm Sandwich” variation.

Boogers on a Stick

Holiday Recipes

Easter Basket Hash

  • Oh, what's a family to do with all of that left-over Easter candy?

Brain Jell-o

  • Abby Normal's Favorite for Halloween and Graduations.

International Recipes and Tips


  • This company imports lots of Hungarian delicacies.
    I recommend the 'Lecso' which is a condiment/sauce somewhere between a salsa and a tomato sauce. It's delicious for stewing chicken, and in potato and egg recipes. Makes for good crock potting, too.
    I also recommend their 'Plum Butter' which looks a lot like apple butter but has a very delicate flavor. Use it instead of jams on toast or syrup on pancakes. Also excellent between two layers of vanilla layer cake. Plum butter is also an excellent spread for your favorite lunch wrap. Spread a little plum butter on the flour tortilla and then add the chicken salad or whatever. Probably good for oriental recipes and baking too.


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