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What the hell is going on here

“Who knows? You MIGHT just happen to stumble in these pages upon the one religion that will work in your life, or the clue that will lead you to the missing component of that invention to which you've devoted the last twenty years. The utter snideness in these pages may help deprogram some fence-straddling kid out of diving head-first into a soul-sapping vampire cult — or aid him in finding one, if that's what he needs. The broad range of belief systems and delusion styles covered (presenting, as they do, a vivid picture of the normally inconceivable range of human paradigms) may snap you out of a near-fatal rut of normalcy. It should also serve as a reminder of the actual freedom of superstition, degeneracy, hate, flimflam, and gullibility that we enjoy in the U.S. All that being so, still, this book's MAIN purpose is indeed to provide a bunch of mockers with a few good laughs.”
Rev. Ivan Stang, High Weirdness by Mail, 1988

Look around the internet - what do you see? It's a complete clusterf*ck of weirdness - some with intent, some accidentally. 20 years ago, Rev. Ivan Stang and others wrote the book on kooks, visionaries and rogue weirdos of every stripe. That book is out of print. The original plan for the High Weirdness Project was to take the idea behind High Weirdness by Mail and translate it to the ever growing ever changing ever weirder internet.

Mind you, its a good chance someone may get offended - it may even be you! So if you are the kind to get your undies in a twist when things do not mesh with your world view, this may not be the place for you.

But otherwise … Welcome.


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